Halfway there

Some things never change. I had to get my home work done before I could go out and play.

Monday was yard work. Tuesday was cleaning the office and the basement. I have a few odds and ends to tend to Wednesday and Thursday, but now I can go skating and know I’m not leaving something undone.

That said, the office remains a work in progress. All of the vinyl records are off the floor, but are on the shelves willy nilly, some upside down, some backward. Still others need to come up from the basement.

I haven’t quite decided how to organize them, either. I’m thinking I might keep my original collection — those records I bought from the early ’70s to the late ’80s — separate from my more recent finds. Why? I have a good feel for what’s in each group. If I mix them, I may have to make a list of what I have, and that seems a bit obsessive.

I guess each way has its advantages and …


“Dis-Advantages,” Willie Bobo, from “Juicy,” 1967.

All I know about Latin soul/jazz is what I’ve learned from my fellow bloggers,  especially Larry at Funky 16 Corners and DJ Pres at Flea Market Funk. Their advice to pick up Willie Bobo records if and when I come across them has been sound.

Dig it!

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One response to “Halfway there

  1. jb

    How about the way John Cusack organized his collection in “High Fidelity”–autobiographically?

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