Record Store Day 2009

So, yeah, I took part in Record Store Day 2009. It was one of the last stops on a day that also involved two softball practices, lunch at a brat fry, my nephew’s hockey game and a visit to the real Ray’s Corner.

My dad was relieved to hear the details of Record Store Day. He’d heard some pounding and thought he was hearing things. Nah, it was just a local metal band thrashing away on the back stoop of The Exclusive Company, our local indie record store. Dad’s apartment is perhaps 200 yards away from the record store’s back door.

I’d just come from The Exclusive Company, where I let its delightful vibe wash over me on Record Store Day.

While the band played outside, a DJ spun records inside. The staff cooked burgers on a grill outside. A few folks went through the vinyl and CD bins inside. A couple of neighborhood kids, angling for seconds or thirds on burgers, got kicked out of the store when the staff’s patience ran out.

Also seen and heard: You know the guy who doesn’t smoke a lot of pot? You know the way he gets when he smokes a lot of pot? You know, the guy with the giddy laugh? Yeah, he was there, too, giggling loudly at just about everything his friends said.

But, no, I didn’t buy anything on Record Store Day. I went through all the vinyl — and there was plenty — but nothing blew me away. I didn’t want to buy something just for the sake of buying something, just because it was Record Store Day.

I’ll go back another day, when my pockets are deeper, because I know Tom and the folks at The Exclusive Company have vinyl from Daptone Records and Numero Group, a couple of my fave labels.

Tom has managed The Exclusive Company for as long as I can remember, and he’s a good guy. Even though I didn’t buy anything, he insisted I take along some samplers.

Here, then, a sampling of the samplers:


“Sugarfoot,” Black Joe Lewis and The Honeybears, from “Tell ‘Em What Your Name Is!” 2009. From the “Lost Highway and Friends” sampler for Record Store Day 2009.


“White Dove,” Levon Helm, from “Electric Dirt,” due out June 30 on Vanguard Records. From the Caroline Distribution sampler for Record Store Day 2009.


“Something Is Squeezing My Skull,” Morrissey, from “Years Of Refusal,” 2009. From the “Lost Highway and Friends” sampler for Record Store Day 2009.

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  1. sly

    tom smith sold me my first “parental advisory” record, ice-t’s “the iceberg” no questions asked. dude has done more for the underground/punk music scene in ne wisconsin than anyone else….

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