The ABCs of DE, Vol. 9

Here, finally, is another installment in our rather occasional series about Dave Edmunds, the Welsh guitarist, pub rocker and roots revivalist who long has been one of our faves.

Dave teamed up with Nick Lowe to write today’s tune. They started working together in 1975, when Lowe played bass on Dave’s second solo album, “Subtle As A Flying Mallet.”

They started writing together on Dave’s third solo album, which was released two years later. Two of the songs on”Get It” are by Edmunds and Lowe. Two others were written solely by Lowe.

Edmunds, Lowe and drummer Terry Williams played together for the first time on “Get It,” shaping that glorious Rockpile sound.

We could go on, but we won’t. Why?


“Here Comes the Weekend,” Dave Edmunds, from “Get It,” 1977.

We’re going outside to play now.


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One response to “The ABCs of DE, Vol. 9

  1. danny

    this is AMAZING!! i love nick lowe and that whole nostalgic pop sound. please please give more likewise pop recommendations!

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