Slogging, not blogging

If you’re wondering why you haven’t seen or heard much here lately, here’s the latest evidence:

Photo 115

Your correspondent is typing with only his left hand. He is not left-handed.

Nor is there a good story to go with it. Unless you are a passionate Green Bay Packers fan and are somehow warmed by the notion that the injury was sustained while pulling out old negatives of newspaper photos to be published in our new coffee-table book about your club.

When did this happen? Well, it might have been 1986, maybe 1987, maybe even 1988. That’s where I was in the files at the time.

My luck was better the other day over at Amazing Records, our local used vinyl emporium. No wrists were sprained in snagging the albums these tunes come from.


“The Letter,” Al Green, from “Green Is Blues,” 1969.


“Getting It On,” Dennis Coffey and the Detroit Guitar Band, from “Evolution,” 1971.

Amazing records indeed. Both are out of print but can be found.

Also …

A side of Mother’s Finest featured this month on our other blog, The Midnight Tracker.

Three from the Mighty Clouds of Joy in our guest post over at The Vinyl District.



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3 responses to “Slogging, not blogging

  1. Ouch! That does not look fun. Well, I hope you heal quickly — the weather in my corner of the world stinks, so I need some good reading/listening material to save me from a dismal summer! Uh, that came off incredibly selfish. Oops. I hope you heal quickly so that you do not have to deal with discomfort, pain, and inconvenience.

    Also, in case you were thinking of trying it, typing with your nose is *not* quicker than typing one-handed.

  2. Tough typing, indeed! I hope it heals well and rapidly. (The Al Green album is a great one! I’ll have to check on the Dennis Coffey.)

  3. Lynchie from Aberdeen

    Sorry about your injury, but thankyou for the Dennis Coffey track. I bought the (vinyl) single way back when but haven’t heard it for years. A great piece of geetar funk…

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