Still on the DL

This post will be short. My wrist has been slow to heal. The less time spent with mouse and keyboard (as opposed to Moose and Squirrel), the better.

Here, then, a couple of tunes from records found while crate digging last weekend. Haven’t listened to it all yet, but kind of a mixed bag. A couple of pleasant surprises, a couple of disappointments.

First up, a nice cut off one of those pleasant surprises …


“Keep On Doin’ What You Do,” Willie Hutch, from “Soul Portrait,” 1969.

The debut album by the fine Texas soul songwriter and singer who then became the great Motown soul songwriter and producer. Only one side in, and there hasn’t been a bad cut yet.

Then, for a friend who can’t find this guy’s records on the East Coast …


“Revolution Of Love,” Joe South, from “So The Seeds Are Growing,” 1971. It’s out of print.

Interesting tune. Starts out with a greasy swamp groove much like “Run Through The Jungle.” Arrangement gets more complex, laying strings and an increasingly powerful horn chart next to South’s vocals.

It was either this or covers of “Motherless Children” or “United We Stand.” Couldn’t decide.

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