Saturday Single, still alive

In the sometimes bizarro landscape of the Internet, one of our regular stops has gone missing.

Our friend Whiteray’s fine blog, Echoes in the Wind, was — as we say in the newspaper biz — spiked the other day. It apparently had been on double secret probation with the Blogger folks.

Thankfully, it is only temporary insanity. Whiteray says he’ll be back next week with a new blog host. Echoes in the Wind returns Tuesday, thanks to our friends at WordPress.

One of the regular features we enjoyed at Whiteray’s blog was the Saturday Single.

Here, then, is a Saturday Single to tide you over until Echoes in the Wind returns to its regular programming. Whiteray graciously sent it our way when we needed it a while back. We’re delighted to return the favor.

It’s delightfully appropriate, too. We invoked it last summer when a certain gunslinging quarterback wouldn’t stay retired. I suspect Whiteray might want to invoke it regarding his former blog host.


“I’m Doin’ Fine Now,” New York City, from “I’m Doin’ Fine Now,” 1973. A delightful slice of early ’70s R&B/soul/pop, produced by Thom Bell and released on 7-inch single as Chelsea 0113.

(The buy link is to a 1993 CD reissue with five extra songs. Buyer beware, though. The sound quality is said to be lacking.)

Oh, and one more thing: Happy birthday, Whiteray.


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3 responses to “Saturday Single, still alive

  1. whiteray

    Thanks for the wishes and the tune. I should note that I have changed my mind about one thing: The blog will remain Echoes In The Wind. As another blogging pal told me, it’s my brand. (The url remains, as I first told you, ) Thanks again!

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  3. That is a perfect Saturday single. What a defiantly happy song. And how lovely that a band doing Philly Soul should be named New York City.

    They look like extras from Shaft on the cover.

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