Where you been, man?

Would you believe …

— Buried by work, including final edits on a new book, a photo history of the Green Bay Packers?

— Caught up in the whirlwind that is the beginning of high school with a freshman in the house?

— Frequently behind the wheel, chauffeuring said freshman all over town in the Dad Taxi?

— Trying to break in new Rollerblades just a few days before skating still another marathon?

All that, and kinda taking a break from listening to a lot of music.

It might be a seasonal thing. Our Wisconsin summers are so short that we spend a lot of it outside, playing. As the weather turns cooler, then downright cold, that’s the time for more spirited ripping and blogging.

Little by little, I am getting stoked for more tunes.

Our trip to Duluth this weekend will keep me from digging for dollar records in the tents in my friend Jim’s back yard. Bad timing, Jim. However, the trip to Duluth will mean a return visit to Electric Fetus, digging downstairs for records.

Today, Al the mailman brought a postcard announcing next month’s record show here in town. We’ve had only a spring show in recent years, but this spring’s show was such a success that they added a fall show.

Finally, one of the advantages to driving the Dad Taxi is that one of our regular destinations is close to Amazing Records, our local used vinyl emporium. Found today while killing time at Amazing Records:


“Rock of All Ages,” Badfinger, from “Magic Christian Music,” 1970.

This is the terrific B side to “Come and Get It,” which I had on a 7-inch single when I was 12. I’ve always loved its wild guitars and pounding piano. I’ve been looking for this LP for a long time, and I found a nice copy in the dollar bin. That was pretty exciting.

One more thing: I also have resurfaced over at The Vinyl District with another ’70s album post. This time: “School Days,” by Stanley Clarke.



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2 responses to “Where you been, man?

  1. Hey, good luck with the marathon! Wow, that’s ambitious.

    And thanks for mentioning Electric Fetus — someone mentioned this to me a couple of weeks ago and it went right over my head until now. I’ve been a ten minute bus ride away from EF in Minneapolis for a month now and haven’t gone. Tsk. So thanks for the reminder!

    Finally, let me say that I thoroughly enjoyed (actually, am currently enjoying) the Badfinger track. 🙂

  2. I was a huge Badfinger fan — and spent far too much time searching for their albums in used record stores back in the pre-CD era.

    I remember in 1980 walking into a record store that had a huge pile of new, shrinkwrapped copies of the soundtrack to “The Magic Christian” (with 3 Badfinger songs, a bunch of instrumental music with dialogue, and Thunderclap Newman’s “Something in the Air”). I’d been looking for that record for years, so I snapped one up for 99 cents.

    Seeing it on eBay over the years, I wish I’d bought the entire pile!

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