That’s the ticket

Just wanted to remind you that we’re moonlighting again over at our other blog, The Midnight Tracker.

It resurfaces at the end of every month, emerging from the haze of time, reviving an old late-night FM radio show on which one side of a new or classic album would be played.

Tonight, we have a short but sweet side from a performer I saw almost 30 years ago, in a time when we imagined ourselves so sophisticated.


Listen, and you’ll hear that the tunes on “Look Sharp” by Joe Jackson have scarcely aged a day in all that time since.


“Happy Loving Couples,” Joe Jackson, from “Look Sharp,” 1979.

Check out the rest of Side 2 over at The Midnight Tracker.



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2 responses to “That’s the ticket

  1. I think Joe Jackson ought to be better remembered. I guess he kind of doomed himself by his diversity (it seemed for a while that every album after the first two brought a new style). My fave is still ‘Beat Crazy’.

  2. Shark

    “Go on and get me in a corner, smoke my cigarettes and drink my beer.” “Look Sharp” is one kick-ass, killer Joe Jackson tune. Love that piano!

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