Days of swine and noses

There’s some kind of nasty flu bug going around town. A couple of high schools have closed for the week. Our son Evan had only a four-day school week because of conferences, and he’s missed all of it.

It’s not the swine flu, but it’s enough to knock him down for the count.

It’s been quiet around the house, so I finally have had some time to get caught up on some writing and some reading, particularly checking out what the rest of the music blog world is up to.

So, some additions to our blogroll that are worthy of your time.

Analog Apartment has been there for some time. A place for vinyl record lovers, they’ve come back strong after taking much of the summer off. They’ve developed a sweet sister site — My Analog Apartment — at which you can log all your records, album art and all, and manage your collection. Good Twitter feed, too. No tunes, though.

Turntabling is new to the blogroll. Its proprietor, Joe Wallace, also is deep into vinyl records. He’s just back from a record-digging adventure that took him from Chicago to St. Louis to Austin to San Antonio and to points in between. He blogged from several stops, and I wanna go. Turntabling is a mixed bag, not for all tastes. If you are into bad album art or DJing, or are looking to buy obscure LPs, check it out. However, there are no tunes here, except in video clips.

— Speaking of road trips, our friend Red Kelly, the Soul Detective, is on one right now! He’s been to Nashville, Atlanta and Augusta, Ga., digging vintage tunes and tweeting about some great BBQ along the way. I wanna go. Watch his videos over at The B Side.

30 Days Out also is new to the blogroll. Anyone who writes a series on the old Warner Bros. sampler records is OK with me. George Kovacic and Denny Angelle have been running this show for about a year and a half. They offer news and reviews, too. And, yes, there are tunes.

Well, enough of the announcements.

If I were sick, you might get “Rockin’ Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu.” But Evan is sick, so here’s some of his pop-punk.


“Call In Sick,” MxPx, from “Panic,” 2005.

Not our usual fare, but we’ll return to our regular programming.

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One response to “Days of swine and noses

  1. 30daysout

    Thanks for the plug on your blog. I have enjoyed AM, then FM for a while and it was a thrill and an honor to see us pop up on your blog. Keep on rockin’, your friends from 30 Days Out.

    Denny Angelle

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