Halloween is still not my bag

Working on Saturday night, sometimes a drag, will be a delight this Saturday night. Nothing like sitting within earshot of the police scanner on Halloween night.

As noted here a while back, Halloween is not my bag.

However, at this time of year, I always enjoy listening to “Tales of Mystery and Imagination,” the first album by the Alan Parsons Project. It’s full of tunes inspired by Edgar Allan Poe.


We’re revisiting that LP over at our other blog, The Midnight Tracker, which resurfaces at the end of every month, emerging from the haze of time, reviving an old late-night FM radio show on which one side of a new or classic album would be played.

Here’s a little sample of “Tales of Mystery and Imagination,” a tune we’ve not shared before. Nothing quite like the voice of Arthur Brown — yes, as in the Crazy World of Arthur Brown — to unnerve you.


“The Tell-Tale Heart,” the Alan Parsons Project, from “Tales of Mystery and Imagination,” 1976.

Enjoy, then head to The Midnight Tracker for Side 1 in its entirety.


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2 responses to “Halloween is still not my bag

  1. thingsimustsay

    Aaaaand yet another gap in my knowledge is filled. Sweet! *wanders off to The Midnight Tracker*

  2. I actually prefer Pyramid, Eve, and I Robot over Tales of Mystery & Imagination.

    His solo album, Try Anything Once has some interesting gems on it too. I’m not sure if it was ever done, but Try Anything Once is one I wouldn’y mind having on DVD-A.

    Heck, Parsons whole catalog both with the Project and post-Project is ripe for DVD-A treatment. There’s just so much wonderfulness going on all at once in his material that regular CDs just don’t do him justice.

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