Make your list, check it twice

So, whaddaya want for Christmas? Yes, it’s hurtling toward us.

We’ll again be dropping some Christmas tunes on you. But listen up:

Yes, our Three Under the Tree series will return in time for you to gather tunes for your Christmas mixes and parties, probably starting Thanksgiving weekend.

No, we won’t do it every day for a month as before. The Christmas season is enough of a grind without blogging like a madman.

So, back to you. Whaddaya want for Christmas? What tunes do you want to hear? The request line is open.

Can’t remember what we have? Just type “Three under the tree” into the search box at right to see what we’ve done before. We have a lot of stuff — way more than we possibly could post, so ask if you don’t see something you want — and a lot of quality stuff. No singing dogs.

Lacking requests, I’ll just go ahead and stuff your stocking.

If that happens, you run the risk of a post like one from last December — Day 19 — which delivered Christmas tunes from Run-D.M.C., Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme and the Tractors. As our friend JB said that day: “With this post, I believe you have just defined the term ‘eclectic.’ Or ‘schizophrenic,’ I can’t decide.”

So, anyhow, Santa Claus. Right, yeah.

We could sure use a dude like that right now.


“Santa Claus and his Old Lady,” Cheech & Chong, Ode 7-inch single 66021, released December 1971. Available on “Where There’s Smoke There’s Cheech & Chong,” a 2002 compilation.

There. One less thing you have to request.


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6 responses to “Make your list, check it twice

  1. f-stone

    “Run Rudolph Run” by Keith Richard is the one I missed on former Christmas-compilations, would be a nice addition to my collection. Thanks for taking the trouble…

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  3. If you can find it Peter Cetera’s Silent Night is an interesting selection. I believe it was released on a Christmas promo sent out to radio stations in the late 80s titled “Winter Warnerland.”

    Another obscure one is Robert Lamm’s Oh Little Town of Bethlehem.

  4. Dom

    Might not be exactly your style, but The Killers put out a Christmas single pretty regularly. An post full of those would be sweet…

  5. If you can find it…heh…

    Michael Franks did a song called “I Bought You a Plastic Star (For Your Aluminum Tree) that I’ve searched for for awhile.

    It’s not your typical Christmas song…

  6. I have a folder on my computer entitled A Very Jeff Ash Christmas, and it contains most of the songs you’ve offered over the past two years. I confess that I haven’t listened to all of them, because I’m usually burned out by mid-December from all the bad Mellowmas music shoved down my throat. But I’m adding the remainder to iTunes now in the hopes I can listen and rate ’em all before this year’s presents appear. Regardless of how many I get through, I’m looking forward to your Christmas posts this year — it’s a highlight of the season.

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