I can see for feet

And now, some intermission music.

“Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” Jimmy Smith, from “Christmas Cookin’,” 1964. It’s out of print, but is available digitally.

That’s a cool cover, and this is a pretty groovy jazz instrumental. No lame vocal duet. No breathy, baby-doll female vocals.

I bought Jimmy Smith’s “Christmas ’64” earlier this year, but this is a slightly different record. Also issued in 1964, “Christmas Cookin'” has two cuts not on “Christmas ’64” — this one and “Greensleeves,” which is not available digitally.

And now, clad in cold-weather gear purchased years ago from the Green Bay Packers, I am heading out into the blizzard to shovel a foot of snow from the driveway. It is 25 degrees F, with a wind chill of 8 F. The wind is out of the north at 31 mph, gusting to 38 mph. Visibility is a quarter-mile.

If I return, so will three under the tree.


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3 responses to “I can see for feet

  1. Nice Post
    Informative and enjoyable
    thanks for good stuff

  2. Dane

    Thanks! I’m looking forward to listening to this.

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