Right now, with The Right Now

Finally got caught up on my blog reading last night. One of my regular stops is HeavySoulBrutha’s Put The Needle On The Record.

There, I found HeavySoulBrutha Dave raving about The Right Now, a new group out of Chicago.

The Right Now’s new record, “Carry Me Home,” came out last week. They describe themselves as “Chicago soul in the 21st century.” Dave hears tunes with an “old-skool Memphis feel” and a “neo-soul vibe.” Eric over at Record Racks hears “a decidedly pop sound inflected with soul tinges.” All close enough.

Give it a listen, and perhaps you will dig scorching lead singer Stefanie Berecz, the group’s tasty horn-driven sound and guitar/keyboard man Brendan O’Connell’s fine songs as Dave, Eric and I did.

“Ain’t Going Back,” from “Carry Me Home,” 2010. Available from the group or digitally.

And now, a couple of housekeeping notes …

Wisconsin bands: If you look to the top of the blog, just under the header, there’s a new page. Click on the Wisconsin bands page and you’ll find all of our posts about Clicker, the much-loved rock/glam/show/cover band that played all over Wisconsin during the ’70s.

You’ll also find our posts about other Wisconsin rock bands and moments in Wisconsin rock history.

We live in Wisconsin, of course, and preserving our rock history is one of the things we try to do here.

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One response to “Right now, with The Right Now

  1. Kathie Ess

    Wow, I gave the Right Now a listen and ended up buying the entire dang album on iTunes. Did you hear “Better Way”? Wow, I can’t stop hearing it in my head. Thanks for the info. This is a good one!

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