The fog of winter

Tonight is one of those late-winter nights in our corner of Wisconsin on which the air is mild, the snow is melting and the fog is thick. It’s been that way for the better part of a week, but no complaints.

It feels as if I could drive into this fog, make my way through it and find myself in another time. I see all the people gathered around TVs, watching college basketball, and I think: “That used to be us.”

Emerging from the fog, I might find myself in March 1982, when we watched the NCAA games, downed countless beers and listened to a quirky, distant record that had come out about six months earlier.

I think it was the Hose’s record. At the time, I didn’t dig it all that much. Over time, it’s become part of the soundtrack to that time in our lives. On a foggy winter’s night, it evokes that time.

“Invisible Sun,” the Police, from “Ghost in the Machine,” 1981.

Released as a single only in the UK, and controversial at that, “Invisible Sun” was a beacon amid the strife in Northern Ireland at the time.

“There has to be an invisible sun

That gives us hope when the whole day’s done”

“Ghost in the Machine” is, of course, a well-known record. You don’t need me to introduce you to it. But perhaps this is a song you have not heard in some time. A couple of other cuts — “Secret Journey” and “Darkness” — could have filled the bill as well.

Winter’s fog inspired a similar post at this time last year. Check it out. If this tune is not your cup of tea, perhaps the one posted then will be.


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3 responses to “The fog of winter

  1. I’ll have to check out last year’s post, but this year’s is quite nice – simple and evocative.

    Good choice with Invisible Sun (though Secret Journey is a somewhat forgetton gem from the band).

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  3. Shark

    I remember that time well. Other great songs on the radio back in March 1982 were “Fantasy” by Aldo Nova, “Break it Up” by Foreigner, “Say Goodbye” by Triumph, and a virtual unknown at the time…Huey Lewis and the News with “Do You Belive in Love.”

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