That ’70s song, Vol. 10

Joe Tait was on the radio the other night, calling a Cleveland Cavaliers game. Just as he was back in the ’70s.

Which might explain why I look at the charts from this week in March 1970 and draw a bit of a blank. Sure, there are plenty of songs I know. But others, not so much.

That’s because the Panasonic AM-FM radio that sat on top of the filing cabinet in my bedroom did double duty.

On nights when I wasn’t listening to WOKY, the Top 40 station out of Milwaukee, I was noodling around on the dial, seeking basketball games from across the nation on whatever clear-channel AM station that night’s atmospheric conditions allowed.

The other night, ESPN radio played a sound bite of Joe Tait calling a key play in a Cavs game, and I thought, “Hey, I’ve heard this guy.” He’s called their games since 1970. I listened to him way back when.

So why is it that I recognize Joe Tait after almost 40 years and I don’t recognize the Stevie Wonder single sitting at No. 23 on the WLS Hit Parade from Chicago?

Then I give it a listen. Oh, sure, I’ve heard that. But not often.

“Never Had A Dream Come True,” Stevie Wonder, from “Signed, Sealed & Delivered,” 1970.

Here’s another reason that I didn’t immediately recognize this tune. The first of three Stevie Wonder singles released in 1970, it was only moderately successful. Sitting at No. 23 was about as good as it got. You may have heard the singles that followed: “Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours” and “Heaven Help Us All.”


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2 responses to “That ’70s song, Vol. 10

  1. Shark

    When I wasn’t listening to the Bucks with Eddie Doucette, I’d listen to ABA games with the Kentucky Colonels on WHAS out of Louisville. They had Louie Dampier, Cincy Powell, Dan Issel, and Artis Gilmore.

  2. I have a Chicago concert from 1978 from a radio broadcast. Between songs there are interview clips with Bob Sirott. Sirott is one of those Chicago fixtures– he was the host of Chicago Today on WTTW and for about 6-8 months he was a news anchor on NBC 5 in Chicago along with Alison Rosati (as Werner Saunders time on the air continued shrinking right up to his inevitable retirement). He was supposed to be Werner’s permanent replacement but NBC5 tried to go back on Sirott’s contract and he wasn’t having it so he walked away. I’m not sure where he’s landed since– radio or TV, but I’m guessing he’s still out there somewhere.

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