Moonlighting again

Just a quick little post to remind you that we also do a bit of business over at a lightly traveled little blog called The Midnight Tracker.

We don’t post there often, but that frequency feels right. It emerges from the haze of time, reviving an old late-night FM radio show on which one side of a new or classic album would be played.

Tonight on The Midnight Tracker, we have a double shot for you. Not only that, it’s a double live shot!

Here’s a little hint of what you’ll find when you head back into the haze of time and spin a couple of LPs from 1966.

Imagine what you get when Jerry Lee Lewis announces from the stage at the end of the record (and presumably the end of the show):

“Well, I’d like to do one for ya now. Ah, hope you enjoy this one. Um, pretty good tune that, uh, has done quite well for a, a lot of artists. But I’m think I’m gonna give it a little treatment here that, that it deserrrrves. I’m gonna throw the old, real, true, down-to-earth, go-gettin’ rock-and-roll beat into this one now. Boy, if you can’t shake it, you better set down because this is one you can really shake it bahyyyy!”

At which point, Jerry Lee and his Memphis Beats tear into …

“Roll Over Beethoven,” Jerry Lee Lewis, from “Jerry Lee Lewis: By Request,” 1966. It’s out of print. Recorded live at Panther Hall ballroom in Fort Worth, Texas.

Jerry Lee is just half of that double live shot from 1966. You’ll just have to head over to The Midnight Tracker to see and hear who else we’ve cued up in the midnight hour.

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