Coming attractions

Three things, briefly.

1. We’re moonlighting again over at The Midnight Tracker.

This is one of the songs featured tonight. It’s written by Joseph B. Jefferson, who also wrote three huge hits for the Spinners — “Mighty Love, Part 1,” “One of a Kind (Love Affair),” “(They Just Can’t Stop It) Games People Play.”

“Ain’t It So,” New York City, from “I’m Doin’ Fine Now,” 1973. It’s out of print.

We have Side 2 of this record over at The Midnight Tracker tonight.

2. You may notice that things look a little different.

Just as we reached 500 posts, WordPress decided to retire the theme we’d been using since the beginning. So we’ve gone from Pressrow to Pilcrow.

3. Any requests for Christmas music?

The Three Under the Tree series has been retired — three years is plenty — but we’ll be along shortly with Christmas tunes as usual.

Your wish list is welcome, even requests for favorites you’ve heard here before. Leave a comment, send an e-mail, tweet it, hit me up on Facebook.

We now return you to your regular programming.

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One response to “Coming attractions

  1. Ron

    I simply love “One of a Kind”..always have. Love the way that song flows. That’s a winner!

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