‘I hope you enjoyed the show!’

One of the nice things about Facebook are the little surprises that pop up from time to time. Today, there was this:

“It was 32 years ago to this very day that Clicker performed for the last time at the Skyline in Dixon. Ill. In reflecting on this anniversary day, I would like to personally thank each and every person that ever attended a Clicker gig. We needed the money!!! So thanks!! I hope you enjoyed the show!”

That was posted by my friend Cubby Tracy. He played drums, guitars, keyboards and sang in Clicker, a Wisconsin band that performed all over the Midwest during the 1970s. As it turns out, they played later into the ’70s than I thought.

That we’re still talking about Clicker 32 years later stands as proof that we enjoyed the show. I just wish I could remember more about the show I saw in Wausau, Wisconsin, in 1976 or 1977. It’s a delightful though hazy memory.

I mentioned that to Cubby, and he added:

“We did in fact work very hard to be all we could be with what we had to work with at the time.”

By all accounts, Clicker did exactly that. At times a quartet, at times a trio, they played pop, rock and glam covers and terrific original songs. Their energetic performances are fondly remembered by music fans of a certain age.

Their last gig came on a Wednesday night.

So there, another chapter of the Clicker story told.

The Skyline Lounge saw a lot of big acts — among them Conway Twitty, Ricky Nelson, Barbara Mandrell, Chubby Checker and David Houston — according to this 2009 story in the newspaper from nearby Freeport, Illinois. Most were booked by a guy named Lyle Grobe, who worked at the local radio station, WIXN, and led a country band on the side.

The Skyline was one of many venues on a Midwest club circuit that included these Wisconsin stops in the ’70s: Stone Hearth, Shuffle Inn, Club 18, Indian Crossing Casino, Silver Dome, Airway Bar, Tino’s, The Rafters, Country Aire, River’s Edge, Gary’s Bar, more than one Armory and our local club, the Shindig.

Many of them are gone now.

The Skyline closed in 1980, two years after Clicker played that last gig.

Perhaps this was one of the songs they played that night.

“Toto Comes Home,” Clicker, from “Harde Har Har Har,” 1975. It’s out of print.

Cubby Tracy wrote this instrumental. I’m told they played it as an encore number. I wish I could confirm that, but … ahhh … it’s all kind of hazy.


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11 responses to “‘I hope you enjoyed the show!’

  1. steve

    I have a CD from the band Clicker. A friend of mine was a huge fan back in the 70′. We saw them at the Country Aire in Appleton Wi

  2. Cory

    did you ever play with Murray “Moe” Eykamp in IL or Wis?

  3. limofrank

    I was watching the movie Almost Famous tonight and it reminded me of when I was a freshmen at Western Illinois Univ. (1973) in Macomb and I met one of the guys in Clicker and was impressed by their music and offered to bring one of their albums to the campus radio station. I then received posters from him and posted them around before their next gig, I also called the radio station and requested their songs be played prior to their arriving in town.
    Six months later they were back and had already been voted the schools favorite rock band. They had a song called Castle in the title I think and the guy I met was the lead guitar player tall thin guy, just can’t remember his name. Great guy, he thanked me bought me pitchers of beer and I had a great time. Funny thing is I left WIU never graduating and 41 years later this weekend I will be finally getting my Masters Degree so you know where my priorities were since then. Better late than never I guess.
    I hope they are doing well, great band, great music, fun times.

  4. Debra

    I was clicker at the y.m.c.a in appleton wi when i was in 6th grade. Just watching some out bands from the early 70s in the t.v. and it made me think about these guys

  5. Shawn

    Saw them in Freeport, Illinois, more than once. Really enjoyed them. Recently tried to dub one of their 8-track tapes to MP3 format but the tape was brittle and broke.

    • Rod

      Saw Clicker at the old Chances R in Champaign in 1973 while attending U of I. Made quite an impression for the time. Would love to get a hold of a copy of their vinyl; had them both but got misplaced 10-15 years ago

  6. Joseph

    Saw clicker at the loading zone in Two Rivers Wi.

  7. Dawn

    My friends and I were quite the fans- we were at western in macomb 73-77 and were at every show- also in Champaign il at chances R as well as springfield il. For some reason these past two days I thought of Steve Tracy and Clicker even tho it’s been 40 yrs – don’t know why it’s on my mind but it’s been fun reading the posts and listening to the songs- especially Keep on tryin- I have both albums, posters, pictures flyers- I was quite taken with the band-LOL they were great there was always a line to see them at Gaffers- would love to know what they look like now and if Steve and Jerry still play togetherMy friends and I would sooo go to a clicker reunion tour. -mark Everest lives in Springfield il -a retired firefighter and I used to see him every so often – gosh it’s been fun reliving those memories

  8. joe

    Saw them at Madison West High twice! they were great and I got both records. I guess they are worth about $100 each.

  9. Nick Hansen

    I saw them around the Platteville Wisconsin area up to 1975 while in high school. Also they played in Minocqua Wi.

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