Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is all but upon us.

Many of the blogs will be chock full of songs about moms, and rightly so.

However, this is not one.

And, no, we did not forget the apostrophe. This is Mothers Day.

So enjoy the Mothers. Here’s a charming little instrumental.

“Peaches En Regalia,” the Mothers of Invention, from “Live at Fillmore East,” 1971.

This was one of the encore numbers that followed after Frank Zappa, Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan wrapped up their extended musical spoof about rock musicians, groupies and fame. It was recorded live almost 40 years ago, in early June 1971.

There aren’t many songs on this irreverent, often sophomoric record that are appropriate for the moment. But you could play this one for Mom and there wouldn’t be much of an eyebrow raised. At least we think not.

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  1. Really very nice. Like the tunes alot. Thanks for sharing it.

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