Jerry’s basement


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5 responses to “Jerry’s basement

  1. You rocked harder than I did in the Seventies. I think “Aqualung” was about as hard as I went. I did have the Three Degrees album, too, though. One of my first girlfriends and I found “our song” on it.

  2. The Zep and Steppenwolf were right up my alley a few years later. Sweet hit me much later, and all the soulful stuff even later, but a very solid playlist.

  3. Shark

    Way to go, Jeff. You took me back to 1975. At my high school, many of us would head to the gymnasium after having lunch to waste the rest of the lunch period before heading back to class. I don’t know who pulled this off, but someone got the okay to play an album on the sound system to the gym which originated from the school office, but the audio was routed only to the gym and to no other room in the school building. “Desolation Boulevard” by Sweet was always a favorite with “Sweet F.A.” and “Fox On The Run” getting us fired up for our afternoon classes. I didn’t really get into Led Zeppelin until my senior year (the following year in high school) but “Trampled Underfoot,” and “Down By the Seaside” soon became favorites. “Kashmir” sent shivers up and down my spine…and still does…but in a good way.

  4. Jerry

    You forgot the Guess Who (… do you wanna rain dance, wanna rain dance, wanna rain dance, with me?)

  5. I was a huge APBA fan in the 70’s as well…

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