Testifyin’ before Christmas

It’s a little surprising — and then again perhaps not — that no one has asked about the Christmas music usually found here at this time of year.

Though there are many Christmas tunes in our collection, it’s been tough to muster the usual enthusiasm for them.

The Christmas spirit usually found here is, for some reason, harder to come by this year. Our corner of Wisconsin is, so far, anything but a winter wonderland. Today was dreary, damp and foggy.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do here for the Christmas season. But let’s turn on the holiday blog design and see where we wind up.

I picked up this record earlier this year for many reasons, but the star on the tree — as it were — was that it was original vinyl of one of my favorite Christmas tunes. I know you dig it, too.

“Back Door Santa,” Clarence Carter, from “Testifyin’,” 1969. It’s out of print but is available digitally.

This is one of the naughtiest Christmas songs ever laid to vinyl. However, this version has more a laid-back drum intro than the rat-a-tat jump start sampled by Run-D.M.C. on “Christmas In Hollis.”

This version also is ever so slightly different than the cut I have from Atlantic’s great “Soul Christmas” compilation, which originally came out on vinyl in 1968 and was reissued on CD in 1991. (Man, 20 years ago already?)

If you have requests for Christmas tunes, put them in the comments.

We’ll do our best.


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5 responses to “Testifyin’ before Christmas

  1. Love that sound! Horns, funk… it’s just great.

  2. Thank you for posting my favorite Christmas song. Love to sing it caroling.

  3. doug mell

    the beauty is you pick the songs. so pick 12.

  4. I’d wondered where the Christmas songs were. Hey, I get it. I’ve found my Christmas Spirit…lacking…this year as well. Maybe I’m just getting older, maybe it’s the weather. Can’t say for sure.

    You’ll figure out what you want to share. Go for it. 🙂

  5. i wondered where your xmas songs were too! it must be a thing. i was late posting mine too, and wondered if i’d even make my annual holiday mix. i’ve picked up the pace now. glad your xmas songs are back! keep ’em coming!

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