A Christmas wish

In addition to peace on Earth, of course.

Some folks wanted to hear this.

“Christmas In The City Of The Angels,” Johnny Mathis, 1979, Columbia 7-inch 1-11158.

I came across this song about 25 years ago. It was part of a Christmas show I taped off the radio. It was released as Columbia 1-11158, with “The Very First Christmas Day” as the flip side. It’s out of print. I can’t find it available anywhere. Though Mathis has recorded several Christmas albums since the early ’60s, this cut apparently never made it to an album.

Have a great Christmas, everyone!


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2 responses to “A Christmas wish

  1. Scotty Simmons

    Bless you Jeff for this post…Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    Scotty Simmons

  2. Tom

    I just found out, this was released last year 2014 as well as it’s B-Side “The Very First Christmas Day” on the compilation “The Classic Christmas Album” along with on other single that has never been released on CD (“Sign Of The Dove” b/w “Christmas is…”) from 1971. plus 2 songs recorded with Percy Faith is 1961 but never issued!

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