Weighing in on Valentine’s Day

Love songs are a rather subjective thing.

Mine may not be yours. Yours may not be mine.

So on this Valentine’s Day, a day when the good folks over at Popdose have put together a fine list of nominations for the 100 greatest love songs of all time, here’s a different take.

If you are of a certain age, you may remember the actor Victor Buono reciting his comic poems on “The Tonight Show,” slaughtering Johnny Carson every time.

So on this Valentine’s Day, a love poem from Victor Buono.

“Skinny Poems For Fat Lovers,” Victor Buono, from “Heavy!” 1971. Also available digitally.

Those memorable readings on the Carson show seem like just yesterday, but the big man has been gone for 30 years now.

Victor Buono always played and seemed older than he really was, perhaps because of his size. When this LP was released in 1971 — many of his most memorable TV and film performances already behind him — he was just 33.

Speaking of which … Victor Buono = King Tut = Batman = the Batusi.

From early March 1967, dig it!



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4 responses to “Weighing in on Valentine’s Day

  1. That is amazing. It means he was still in his 20s when he was on Batman?!?

  2. Biff! Pow! Holy flashback! Thanks for the memory.

  3. legman666

    ah, Perry Mason! that’s what I recognise him from.

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