Dave’s not here. Neither is Rodney.

A furlough week over, we’re back at work.

More importantly, we’re being paid for it.

That said, our mantra remains: If we couldn’t laugh, we would all go insane.

Life in the newsroom is no less absurd this week than it was when I last worked two weeks ago. It often goes a bit like this.

“Dave,” Cheech and Chong, from “Cheech and Chong,” 1971.

Barely a minute long, this is about as good as a comedy bit gets. It’s fairly simple, yet it fires up your imagination as you envision Dave one one side of the door and the stoner on the other side.

There are plenty of days when your boss is as clueless as the stoner, aren’t there? You feel a little like Dave, don’t you?

Some days, you get no respect, I tell ya.

Head over to The Midnight Tracker for our take on that.


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2 responses to “Dave’s not here. Neither is Rodney.

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  2. I Was just in the right Mood. LOL !!

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