The new year finally arrives

While working out on New Year’s Day, this was the first song to pop up on the iPod in 2013.


“This Time It’s For Real,” Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes, from “This Time It’s For Real,” 1977. The album is out of print, but the song is available digitally.

This Jersey R&B stormer, written by Steve Van Zandt, was a great way to get the new year started. Love all those horns.

I should write that, I thought that day. But as so often happens, other stuff comes up and I didn’t write about it right away.

But now that the Packers’ season is over, so is our long grind at work. It comes with the territory when you’re part of the news biz in Green Bay, of course.

Many are disappointed after last night’s game. Me? Not so much. Feels a little like New Year’s Day all over again.

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