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‘Happiness, through the years, to you’

Six years ago, readers who made their way to this corner of the blogosphere found “Three Under The Tree,” a series of Christmas music posts. 

Every December that followed, readers who made their way here found Christmas music, some of it the same year after year.

Last year, though, I wrote that my passion for Christmas music had waned, so things were downsized to “A Smaller Christmas.”

I’ve bought just two Christmas records in the last year, and both because they were on colored vinyl. I’ve been loath to listen to them, but I finally gave one a spin last night. Turns out it’s kind of charming, an unexpected joy.

There will be some other cuts as Christmas draws near, but let’s start with holiday greetings from Lou Reed from 25 years ago.


“Holiday I.D.,” Lou Reed, from “Winter Warnerland,” 1988. It’s out of print, and apparently a collectible. I found it for a dollar.

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