The girl from the record store

There was a profound sense of loss today, and it had nothing to do with the news of the day.

We have lost the tiny, cherubic girl from the record store.


You’d see her with her dad, digging through the bins at Rock N Roll Land or at the Green Bay record shows. You were struck by her dazzling red curls.

“She was a fun person. Loved music. Got so excited about every record she found,” my friend Todd told me tonight. He runs that record store.

Indeed, the joy she expressed when she found THAT record was memorable.

Her name was Taelor. She was 17. She was swimming. Perhaps her heart gave out, her dad says. They don’t really know yet.

Taelor, the daughter of a musician and a drummer herself, loved the Beatles.

Todd played a cut from “Magical Mystery Tour” for Taelor at last night’s Record Night. That takes place at a local establishment that Taelor would not have been old enough to have been in. Well done, sir.

She was just 17. Wow.

Say hi to John and George, will you?





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3 responses to “The girl from the record store

  1. Wade Sutton

    Touching write up. I didn’t know Taelor but I know her father, Billy, and he is a great guy. I’ve watched Taelor grow up via his Facebook pictures over the past couple of years and my heart goes out to him and his family. I do know that Billy saw this post (he shared it on Facebook, which is how I found it). I know that he appreciates this greatly.

    Much love to him and his family.

  2. Sean Gibbons

    Taelor was one of my students a couple years back. She made an impression on me. Loved her smile. She was strong in mathematics and I think she liked me too. I keep following posts Billy puts on Facebook and it’s still sad for me. I have four kids of my own and I can only imagine how difficult this must be for everyone. Please keep posting pictures. Thoughts and prayers.

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