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Don’t stand so close to me

As we started to emerge from the pandemic, I’d heard the experience at sports events with 25 percent capacity was wonderful.

My friend Al also had heard that, and wanted to experience it for himself, so we went to a Brewers game two weeks ago. It was indeed wonderful. No traffic jams, no parking hassles, no long lines. Beautiful.

But now, just two weeks later, they’re already up to 50 percent capacity at Brewers games with full capacity not far behind. Glad to have gotten in on it when we did.

An aversion to jam-packed settings may be something that lingers with me as we get past the pandemic. Just not feeling it.

The first show that popped up on my radar was The Monkees’ Farewell Tour with Michael Nesmith and Micky Dolenz at the Riverside Theater in Milwaukee. Pass. Besides, we’ve already seen Davy Jones solo plus the Davy/Micky/Peter and Mike/Micky/Peter lineups.

The next show that popped up on my radar was Melissa Etheridge playing a new venue here in Green Bay. It’s a converted big box retail store. Pass.

A tsunami of show announcements has followed from venues big and small. But there hasn’t been much of anything I’d like to see. Oh, there’s 87-year-old Frankie Valli at our local arena. Pass.

Then I saw this the other day. It’s from an Alabama music writer with excellent taste in blog design.

Yeah, that seems inevitable. Venues and performers have been hurting. But if that’s so, it’s not going to get me back, either.

Full disclosure: We’ll be going to a jam-packed Lambeau Field to watch the Packers this fall. We’ll see how that goes.

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