A dollar for your thoughts

Nielsen radio ratings diaries

The dollar sitting on my desk was a bribe. Listen to the radio for a week and tell us what you listened to. Janet received the same bribe, thus these two envelopes.

Greetings from the Nielsen family of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Nielsen radio ratings diary

Some fun facts from my radio ratings diary. Make of them what you will.

— I listened to the radio on each of the seven days of the survey week.

— I listened to Brewers baseball on a local FM station on four of the seven days, enduring right-wing news talk promos during the commercial breaks. (The Brewers went 1-3 in those games.) Been listening to the Brewers on the radio — the same Panasonic RF-930 desktop radio — since they arrived in Milwaukee in 1970.

— I listened early in the morning, while working out in the 5 a.m. hour. Most days, they pipe in a local oldies FM station to the pool area at my neighborhood Y. I swim there for a half-hour each day. I did not hear a song by a Black artist on any of the days it was piped in that week. WOGB apparently stands for Whites Only, Green Bay.

— On Thursday afternoon, the first day for the diary, I listened to “Testify!” on the Give the Drummer Radio streaming sub-channel on WFMU radio out of New Jersey. That was a beautiful memorial to your mother, Larry.

— I listened to a wee bit of “Funky Friday,” streaming it in the car on the WXPN app out of Philadelphia. There you go, Bruce.

— I meant to return to WXPN at home a couple of hours later and typed in WFMU by mistake. There and then, a pleasant surprise. “Downtown Soulville,” hosted by Matt “Mr. Fine Wine” Winegarden, a friend of my friends Larry and Paul.

— I listened to a wee bit of “Chris Carter’s British Invasion” on XM21, Underground Garage, one of my regular stops on Saturday afternoons.

— I must apologize to JB for not getting his Saturday night ’70s show on Magic 98 out of Madison into the diary. I would have, but I was at a wedding reception (and trying to listen to Evan’s livestreamed concert from Maryland).

— On Monday night, I listened to the “Funky 16 Corners Radio Show” preshow on Mixlr.com. Don’t know whether Nielsen considers that radio. I do, so I put it in the diary. (I didn’t listen to Larry’s actual show, though. Evan had another livestreamed concert from Maryland at the same time.)

— Wednesday, the last day for the diary, brought the longest stretch of listening —  almost 2 1/2 hours, digging Fufu Radio No. 198 on Mixlr.com. There you go, Vincent. Same deal. Don’t know whether Nielsen considers that radio, but I do, and it’s in the diary, too.

Green Bay radio is a new music desert and a cool music desert, thus my choices. Besides, you can’t beat listening to your friends.

Thank you for your interest in my radio listening habits. We now return you to your regular programming.

(One last note, in the interest of fairness. WOGB played a song by a Black artist during my pool workout this morning: “The Boys Are Back in Town” by Thin Lizzy. They may not realize a guy from an Irish band could be Black.)


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2 responses to “A dollar for your thoughts

  1. Bill in Milwaukee

    Terrestrial radio has been in a death spiral for awhile now. AM is a real dumpster fire. I used to tune in at night to faraway AM stations to hear something a little different than the local fare. But now it’s pretty much entirely the domain of the conspiracy and tinfoil hat crowd. Indeed, some auto manufacturers are no longer even equipping their cars with AM capable radios. Most FM stations are still grinding away with tired and over played music formats and non-stop commercials. There are a few good independent radio stations left in my area (southern Wisconsin). WYMS and WMSE in Milwaukee offer interesting programming. WORT and WVMO in Madison still wave their freak flag. But mostly I find myself listening to online streaming channels these days. The Loft on XM radio is excellent and is my best source for new music and programming not found on local radio channels. I miss the old days of great pop and AOR radio programmed by real DJs. But I fear that time may be over.

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