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Bob Welch: Still got me hypnotized

It’s the same kind of story that seems to come down from long ago

The news of former Fleetwood Mac guitarist Bob Welch’s passing came on a gorgeously sunny day in our corner of Wisconsin. It’s not at all the kind of moment I associate with the song that introduced me to Bob Welch.

Because there’s no explaining

No, when I think of “Hypnotized,” I think of late nights, which is when I most often heard it in the early ’70s. Or I think of winter’s fog, a suitably eerie time for an ethereal and vaguely mysterious song.

What your imagination

The enduring power of “Hypnotized” was such that when I started buying vinyl LPs again a few years ago, a rough copy of “Mystery To Me” was one of the first records  I grabbed out of a dollar bin.

Can make you see and feel

I’m not sure I’ve ever figured out what the song was all about. Here’s one interpretation, suggested in the comments when we wrote about “Hypnotized” on that foggy winter’s night in March 2009. Something about Carlos Castaneda, peyote and dreams.

Seems like a dream

I hear Bob Welch’s song and I am taken right back to the deep quiet of those long-ago late nights, listening to the free-form FM radio, sorting through my teenage life and wondering what the future held.

Got me hypnotized

“Hypnotized,” Fleetwood Mac, from “Mystery To Me,” 1973.

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Stevie Nicks? USC Song Girls? Yes!

Crate diggers do it all the time. Whether it’s an LP or a 45, we’re always looking for fillers. Maybe we need a better copy of a record that’s been loved to death.

Or maybe we buy a record for one cut. This is one such record.

I’ve always liked the title track to Fleetwood Mac’s “Tusk” but never owned it until today. I’ve always dug the USC Trojan Marching Band as the backing group.

Lest my pal JB cop all my material for his radio show, I should mention that this record carried a list price of $15.98 when it was released in the fall of 1979. That’s $50 in today’s dollars. Would you pay $50 for a new double LP today?

I picked it up for $2, just so I could have a nice rip of this at long last.

“Tusk,” Fleetwood Mac, from “Tusk,” 1979.

Part of the appeal of “Tusk” is, shall we say, visual.

In that early video, there was the sight of Fleetwood Mac and that USC marching band recording it live at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. Oh, yeah, and Stevie Nicks wearing a sun dress and twirling a baton.

The first video comes from the old “Solid Gold” TV show. It features clips from the “Tusk” video along with the USC marching band in the “Solid Gold” studio. Oh, yeah, and the USC Song Girls also are in the studio to dance for no apparent reason. It’s not clear what the “Solid Gold” audience made of all that.

This behind-the scenes video on the making of the song “Tusk” apparently comes from “Fleetwood Mac: Documentary and Live Concert,” a 1980 release which appears to be out of print. It includes this great exchange:

Stevie Nicks: “Who are we to deserve the USC band to play for us?”

Christine McVie, carrying a glass of wine as they walk across the field: “Stevie, don’t be so humble.”

Stevie Nicks: “Oh, no, but I mean, really, that’s a lot of people playing …”

Oh, yeah, and later, more of Stevie Nicks in that sun dress, twirling that baton.


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Winter’s fog

This is the most eerie time of year in our corner of Wisconsin.

Winter is ever so slowly giving up its hold on us. The snow melts as the temperature warms, of course. As the snow leaves, the fog arrives.

I look out into that fog, wondering what will emerge from under the snow. There are the pumpkins I left out last fall. There are the remnants of the fireworks we shot off on New Year’s Eve and on Evan’s birthday.

But what else is out there? We live on a corner, a stop sign at the edge of the yard, along a busy street. How many pieces of cars will be out there?

Winter’s fog suggests plenty of mysteries. As does this tune, one I vividly remember from nights just like this back in the early ’70s. A vibe for just this kind of night.


“Hypnotized,” Fleetwood Mac, from “Mystery To Me,” 1973.

It’s written and sung by guitarist Bob Welch. Though not a single and certainly not a hit, the ethereal “Hypnotized” got plenty of FM air play. Even all these years later, I’m still not sure I’ve figured out what the lyrics mean. That’s OK, though. That’s part of its appeal.

After this, Welch did one more album with Fleetwood Mac. He left the band, and Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks joined. I think you know how it went for Fleetwood Mac after that.


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