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Kinda Kinks, and kinda not

Time for another reminder that there’s another blog lingering in the long shadows of AM, Then FM.

The Midnight Tracker resurfaces at the end of every month. It emerges from the haze of time, reviving a late-night FM radio show heard long ago in central Wisconsin, a show on which one side of a new or classic album was played.

Here’s a song from this month’s album side.

“Who’ll Be The Next In Line,” Francoise Hardy, from “Loving,” 1969. It’s out of print and not available digitally.

This is a cover of a Kinks song from the summer of 1965. Written by Ray Davies, it was one of those B sides that turned out to be more popular than the A side of the single. It’s the flip side to “Evry’body’s Gonna Be Happy,” which was intended as the follow-up to the smash “Tired Of Waiting For You.”

The Kinks’ version was on the “Kinda Kinks” LP from 1965, and on a couple of greatest-hits compilations, all of which appear to be out of print. It also doesn’t appear to be available digitally.

This version of “Who’ll Be The Next In Line” is from Side 1 of a rarely-heard English-language album by the French folk-pop singer Francoise Hardy.

A friend has long been seeking this record. I found it last month.

The rest of the story is over at The Midnight Tracker.


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