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More tunes for your tailgate party

I was out shoveling this morning and realized I’d forgotten one of the tunes I’d intended to put in Wednesday’s post.

That means bonus tunes for you.

Again, if you’re not into the Green Bay Packers, or not from Wisconsin, you probably have less than zero interest in this post. I understand that. But we are continuing to preserve small slices of regional culture.

“Rock to the Big Game,” Randy Stary, digital single, 2007.

This is kind of a laid-back rockabilly tune, if such a thing is possible. I long ago played basketball with Randy, and he long has been my wife’s family’s investment broker, but I had no idea he was a guitarist, too. It’s not bad for something done on a whim by a local guy who bills himself as an “accidental songwriter.”

Randy also put up a YouTube video over the weekend. If you’re wondering what kind of craziness is going on in Green Bay these days, this will give you a pretty good idea. (Oh, and the guy in the screen grab? I’m pretty sure that’s Phil, who’s on my softball team.)


“Green Bay Pack City,” the Wedgies, from “The Wedgies,” 1996.


“Green Bay at 12:00,” the Wedgies, from “Brat Out of Hell,” 1997.

Ah, the Wedgies. Take a DJ from the morning show at one of our local rock stations, add some local musicians and crank out covers with new lyrics. “Green Bay Pack City” is a cover of “Detroit Rock City” by Kiss. “Green Bay at 12:00” is a cover of “Highway to Hell” by AC/DC.

One of the Wedgies’ claims to fame, according to the liner notes, is “being shut down by Packers security for being too loud and being too close to Packer practice” in 1996. Really all you need to know.


“Be Savage Again” and “A Time for Glory,” narrated by John Facenda and composed by Sam Spence, from “The Power and the Glory: The Original Music and Voices of NFL Films,” 1998.

A little more from the voice of the NFL, anyone?

And in the hour or so it took me to write this post, it started snowing again.


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