Not exactly heavy lifting …

… but we are doing a little maintenance around these parts.

New over at our other blog, The Midnight Tracker: Side 2 from “Fire and Water,” Free’s great 1970 album.

New friends and new reads on the blogroll: Jefito — he of the late, great Jefitoblog — is back in action. He’s leading Jason Hare and a who’s who of blog all-stars in riffing on music and pop culture over at Popdose.

— Sean promises to wander though his collection of 45s over at The Great Vinyl Meltdown. He comes recommended by Whiteray over at Echoes in the Wind, which is all the recommendation we need.

— A bunch of old cassette mixes are lovingly preserved by Michael over at Fusion 45.

— Chris usually has something interesting to say over at Local Vertical, which comes to us from Florida. … Also from Florida, but rocking harder, are Nine Bullets and Licorice Pizza.

— Finally, who’d have thought Green Bay, Wisconsin, would be a hotbed of music blogs? Across town, Kip oversees Rock Sellout, a fine guide to all things new and noteworthy on the indie rock scene (with occasional blasts from the more recent past — the ’80s and ’90s).

Our “Three under the tree” series: The links are down. Christmas tunes return in November. We’re back to the usual stuff for the next 10-plus months.

This is a blue-collar kind of night, and here’s one of the few Bachman-Turner Overdrive tunes I’ve long enjoyed (that is, one that stands up through repeated play). Written and sung by bass player C.F. Turner, it has a nice warm vibe for a cold winter night.


“Blue Collar,” Bachman-Turner Overdrive, 1973, from “Best of BTO (So Far),” 1976. (Also available on “The Best of Bachman-Turner Overdrive: The Millenium Collection,” a 2000 compilation.)

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