Forward into the past

Today’s recipe for tunes.

Take this:


My computer. My Christmas present from the lovely Janet.

Add this:


A new turntable. My birthday present from the lovely Janet.

You get this: The first cut from all my/our vinyl, 1,000 or so records gathered (and paid for) since 1970 and sitting idly by until now.


“Killer Cut,” Charlie, from “Fight Dirty,” 1979.

No particular reason for choosing this one. Just something you may not have heard, or may not have heard for quite some time.

Charlie is a British rock band that got occasional FM airplay in the late ’70s. You may remember the lovely ladies on their album covers. The music was all right, too, with sharp songwriting, lots of hooks and crisp vocals.

More to come. The request line is open.


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4 responses to “Forward into the past

  1. Phil

    Hi Jeff

    Happy birthday for the other week by the way – my own half century point is next year!

    I hope the “lovely Janet” is as generous with her patience as she is with her money – once you start burning all those old records she will become a “vinyl widow”!

    I can’t say I’ve heard of Charlie, even though I am British, but I’ll give it a listen…

    Now, since you ask… do you by any chance have Jim Capaldi’s “Oh how we danced” LP, particularly the track “Eve”. This was a single in the UK in late ’74 and although I never bought the single or the LP the track has never been off the playlist of the radio in my head (if you know what I mean!).

    There are those records that for some reason or other (in 1974 it was probably cash constraints!) you never buy but still like. Many on this list have been crossed off now that I have the means of purchase but Eve has long been out of print on CD/vinyl – I really think it’s time for a Capaldi retrospective reissue.


  2. I remember this album from my college days. WSUP played “Killer Cut.” I haven’t heard it since 1981.

  3. Shark

    “KIller Cut”…what a great song! Like Willie, I played it on the radio in college on UW-Platteville radio station WSUP. JB from “The Hits Just Keep On Comin'” was kind enough to make me a cassette tape of various tunes I like and included that one. Remember…”a song is a song is just a song.” Charlie had another minor hits song in 1983, “It’s Inevitable” which got some airplay on WLS and the station I was working for at the time, WNAM Appleton/Oshkosh.

  4. Just thought I’d mention that “Oh How We Danced” is now available at “Echoes In The Wind”
    Come and get it!

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