Wade in the water with me

Sometimes, teenagers surprise you. Other times, they do exactly what you think they’ll do.

Yesterday, I mentioned to our 13-year-old that I would be washing the car this afternoon. Evan said he’d like to help.

So when I got started this afternoon, there was no Evan. No surprise.

By the time the windows were done inside and out, Janet popped out the door and said, “It looks nice!”

Evan joined her at the door, and I asked him, “You gonna help?”

A big, crooked smile crossed his face and he started rolling up his sweats. (Sweats? In 80-degree weather? Don’t ask.)

13-year-old + hose + water + Dad = hilarity ensues.

Evan washed the wheel covers. Then he started spraying water in the air, giving himself a (much-needed) shower.

Then he started spraying Dad, the centerpiece of his nefarious plot all along. As I knew it would be.

Classic, just like this.

“Wade in the Water,” the Ramsey Lewis Trio, 1966, from “Chess Classics,” a CD that came with the August 2005 issue of Mojo magazine. Also available on “20th Century Masters — The Millenium Collection: The Best of Ramsey Lewis,” a 2002 CD release.

The perfect vibe for a lazy, sunny late-summer afternoon.


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2 responses to “Wade in the water with me

  1. bamabob

    Great choice for your post—a classic tune. I have nto heard it for a long time, thanks for posting it.

  2. AMD

    The horn intro to Wade In The Water was the signature tune to a lunch time show on the northern German station NDR2. If I ever get a radio show, I plan to use that. Or the intro to Earth, Wind & Fire’s In The Stone.

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